Hi! I'm Atharva, a student on the way
to become computer scientist

This is my portfolio website where I show some of my projects.


I have a few projects here and you can find all of my projects on my Github. to check them out.

Corona Scraper

Skills: Beautiful Soup 4, PyQt5

Anonymous Messaging Platform

Skills: Flask

Visualizing Knights Tour

Skills: PyGame, Backtracking

Sudoku Solver

Skills: PyGame, Backtracking

About Me

My Story

I have been studying my Computer Science and Engineering Course at Indian Institute of Information Technology, in Chennai, India. This journey through engineering began after I cracked JEE. Those were the years that taught me hard-work. Now after getting in college I am exploring and discovering the world of technology. The more I explore the better it gets. So I am really excited for my career as a Computer Engineer.

My Skills

  • Django
  • Network Progrmming with Python
  • WebScraping with Python
  • Browser automation with Python
  • GUI building with PyQt5, PyGame
  • Intermediate Level C Programming
  • Intermediate Level Caluclus
  • Beginner Level Go Language
  • AutoDesk softwares like AutoCad, Sketchbook Pro, Fusion 360